Pippa Middleton’s Bottom Becomes A Facebook Hit

All eyes should have only been on Kate Middleton at the Royal Wedding, but it was Pippa Middleton’s bum that stole the show and became one of the main talking points of the wedding ceremony, earning her the nickname The Royal Hotness – no wonder Prince Harry was reportedly smitten! Minutes after the ceremony, Pippa Middleton mania swept the nation with that bottom, making her a YouTube and Facebook hit, and it even earned its own Facebook page with over 216,000 members for the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation. And it’s still growing – not bad, eh? Pippa Middleton’s Alexander McQueen  dress didn’t only do wonders for her figure, but it also secured her style-icon status, with hundreds of designers fighting to dress her and the fashion pack watching her every move. Oh, what power an Alexander McQueen dress has! Check out her high-street fashion hits in this week’s LOOK magazine and discover the secret to her amazing body – we’ve been perfecting the squats since Tuesday! SD 

Scroll down to see Pippa Middleton’s best fashion moments below.