Peach: The Social Media App You All Need To Download

Sick of having to maintain countless social media accounts on a daily basis? Well, what if we told you there is a brand new app that combines all of our favourite app habits? Enter, Peach.

Yep, from the makers of Vine, Peach is being hailed as the latest app we ALL need to download. Recode have even called it ‘the app du jour for the kids at the cool tech table’.

So what does it do? Peach is essentially an Instagram, Twitter, Vine and Facebook all rolled into one.

That’s right, you can upload pictures, videos and ‘tweet’ personal messages and statuses, as well as seeing exactly what your friends are getting up to within the ‘activity feed’.


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But there’s a catch: private messages are prohibited. As with Twitter, Instagram and all the rest of the social media apps ruling your lives at the moment, each individual Peach user has their own personal profile but with Peach you cannot send anything without EVERYONE being able to see it. We’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing…

When it comes to getting the app to do what you want, though, there are even magic words you can type into your phone that the app will then code into a particular action. For example, if you type ‘GIF’, Peach will bring up a whole load of GIFs for you to flick through at your leisure. ‘SHOUT’, meanwhile, will bring up big Snapchat-style fonts over your images, while ‘SONG’ will alert your friends to whatever you’re listening to at the time.

At the moment, Peach is only available for iOS users, meaning that it cannot be downloaded on Android phones. However, according to the brains behind Peach, they’re currently working on an Android version. Until then, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date with anything you might need to know.