The Historic Fashion Brands Making A Comeback

Paul Poiret is a couture label which made waves in Paris during the early 20th century. Having laid dormant for 80 years, the brand has now been bought up by Korean company Shinsegae International in a bid to revamp it into the current day.

This is not the first historic couture label to be given a new lease of life. Adding to the likes of Schiaparelli, Courreges, Charles James and Bill Blass, Paul Poiret will now also be resurrected into a modern day fashion house.

> A revamped Schiaparelli for Couture Autumn/Winter 2015.

Pierre Mallevays – the managing director of the London-based seller that represents the brand – has explained the direction the fashion house is headed.

“They want to reinvent the DNA and make it relevant to today. They’re not buying it to make it a Korean brand. They’re buying it to develop it based out of Pairs and distribute it on the international market. They’re very sophisticated, and they really understand brands.”

The label will focus on fragrance and beauty to begin with and then make it’s way into the fashion and accessories markets. Paul Poiret died in 1944 but his label has never been forgotten. In 2005, he was honoured with an exhibition at Azzedine Alaia’s flagship store and was also the inspiration for the 2007 Met Gala dress code, ‘Paul Poiret: King Of Fashion’.

> Kate Moss and Cameron Diaz at the Met Gala in 2007.

Exactly what the new look Paul Poiret will look like, we will have to wait and see, but if the outcome is anything like Schiaparelli’s reboot, then it spells very exciting things to come. Add to that the anticipation for Charles James’ new look – the house was bought out by Harvey Weinstein and is in the process of being transformed – and you have alot of fantastic fashion to look forward to.

By Amy de Klerk