Fat Shaming Cards Make People Cry On The Tube

The daily commute is not something that many people relish, but for those that travel on the tube in London, it just reached new levels of unpleasantness. 

NHS worker Kara Florish posted a tweet revealing that while travelling on the London Underground, she was handed a card which included some pretty abusive comments about ‘fat people’. Distributed by ‘Overweight Haters Ltd’, the card read ‘it’s really not glandular, it’s your gluttony,’ as well as the even more abusive ‘You are a fat, ugly human.’ 

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Kara took to Twitter to post a photo of the card, as well as commenting herself: “was handed this card on the underground. is hateful + cowardly +could potentially upset people struggling with confidence.” Hear, hear. 

Sadly, this wasn’t even an isolated incident. Other Twitter users started to share their experiences, too, with some even witnessing young girls crying on the tube after receiving one of these awful cards. 

One posted: “Young man just got on train at Oxford Circus, gave printed card saying YOU’RE FAT to overweight girl. He jumped off. She read it, & cried.”

Thankfully, the abusive group responsible is being investigated by the British Transport Police, who tweeted this morning asking for anyone who has received a card to report it:

British Transport Police tweet The ‘leaflets’ are currently being investigated by the British Transport Police

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As always, Twitter has responded in brilliant fashion, with everyone rallying to hit back at this ridiculous example of body shaming. One said “I wish someone would give me a ‘fat’ card so in return I could give them mutiple paper cuts with it #OverweightHaters.” Another said: “Dear Overweight Haters Ltd, If you hand me a card, please ensure you have a tupperware container with you in which to carry home your teeth.” Some even printed their own ‘cards’ as a response, including one from ‘Bigot Detesters Ltd’ which read: “It’s really not personal, it’s your personality.” 

It’s worth noting that the vile person who took the time to write this horrendous piece of literature cannot, it seems, manage to spell the word ‘beautiful’ correctly. Enough said?