Our Favourite Fashionistas To Follow On Twitter

That chirpy blue chick we see popping up everywhere has now turned five years old! Yep, we’re talking about Twitter and the blue bird that’s notched up 200 million followers worldwide and reminds us to tweet about what we do every day. 

If you’re not yet down with the tweeple, to celebrate Twitter’s birthday we thought we’d get you started with a who’s who on Twitter and tell you which celeb style gurus are worth following (aside from Look Magazine of course!)…

  • @ladygaga: The most successful tweeter in the world! The pop-fashion goddess, Lady Gaga, has nine million followers worldwide – that’s more than London’s entire population!
  • @KimKardashian and @KourtneyKardash: These socialite Kardashian sisters seem to have their fingers in so many pies and now their combined Twitter fan base is bigger than Lady Gaga’s with nearly 10 million followers!
  • @victoriabeckham: Mrs B’s tweets are so cute – she always sounds so chuffed when she sees someone in her clothes. She even signs everything off with x VB x. Awww.
  • @jessiejofficial: The Essex singer, Jessie J, is so personal on Twitter and often
    re-tweets messages from fans and followers.
  • @Fearnecotton: The Very.co.uk style guru is a regular tweeter, often updating what fabulous party she’s at, what’s she’s wearing and getting her listeners involved during her Radio 1 show.
  • @alexa_chung: Alexa Chung is not only a trendsetter, but a hilarious one at that! We never knew she was so funny! We also want her life – Chanel party here, Mulberry party there. Gee, it makes us jealous.
  • @lilyroseallen: Lily Allen’s a notorious tweeter and has been known for some insightful tweets in the past. With her new Lucy In Disguise label launching, we’re following her closely for all the fashion goss.
  • @henryholland: Henry Holland’s always on Twitter. How he gets time to design clothes, do charity work, run a marathon and go to all these celeb parties, as well as tweet – we just can’t figure it out.
  • @itsmeleighton: Although we’d love to follow both the Gossip Girls, Blake Lively doesn’t seem to tweet. But the adorable Leighton Meester keeps us updated with backstage goss on the GG set.
  • @sjp65: Is it the real Sarah Jessica Parker? It may not be, as she only set it up on her birthday on Friday. But with profile info that says: “I know more about shoes than I do about the internet” and over 50,000 followers in four days, it could very well be her.
  • @Kate Moss: Nope, afraid not. Mossy admitted the other day she’s not on Twitter and those who are following a “Kate Moss” are following an impersonator. Whoops! Come on Kate, we want to follow you!
And in case you hadn’t noticed, LOOK is also on Twitter – @Lookmagazine. If you want to be in with a chance of winning weekly giveaways and in the know about all the fashion goss, you’d better start following us! JG