Shop Beyoncé’s Homemade Music Vid From Just £11!

Youtube: Beyoncé’

We don’t know about you, but we’ve watched Beyoncé’s brand new music video approximately 2738291384 times today. What better way to spend our Mondays, after all, than witnessing the genius that is Queen Bey’s homemade video accompaniment to her song, 7/11? That’s right, it was home. made. Because why would B get anyone to do it for her, when she could just kill it herself?

So, while we were trying to absorb all the greatness, we also happened to notice Mrs.Carter’s awesome array of slogan sweaters. You know us, we love a hero knit, and so we thoroughly enjoyed Beyoncé’s jumper parade, featuring one emblazoned with ‘Kale’ on the front, a pretty badass Joyrich number (Playboy themed, obvs) and her own creation, ‘Cake By The Pound’.

Oh but wait, what’s that you say? We can buy ALL of these beauties on the high street? Erm, try and stop us. But we won’t stop you- we’ve even located said statement sweats in order to make your Beyoncé transformation even more effortless. You can buy Bey’s cake-themed top on her own website, but we also found one stocked on if your purses are feeling hard done-by at the moment (we know ours are).

You’d better be quick- when we last checked the stocks were running low, and we wouldn’t want them to sell out before you can get your hands on a slice of Beyoncé’s style. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be donning your slogan and perfecting your moves ready for when a slot opens up in Bey’s dance crew. Oh come on, a girl can dream…

By Hannah Banks-Walker