This Online Shopping Hack Will Save You Tonnes Of Money

Here at LOOK HQ we have an obsession with online shopping – a somewhat unhealthy obsession. While our wardrobe may look better for it, our bank accounts certainly don’t. Hallelujah then for the invention of this genius money-saving app.

The clever app is called Honey and works as a Google Chrome extension. To start making some serious savings is easy. Oh, and the app is totally free – hooray!

First you need to download the extension using Google Chrome, and then you simply browse your favourite shopping sites as normal. If the site you’re shopping on is compatible with Honey then a tab will appear showing you all the vouchers currently available for that site. Along with the discount codes it also shows you handy info such as how likely the code is to work, and when it was last successfully used.

Clueless might be coming to Broadway (yasss)! Guess which popstar is interested in playing Cher?

Fear not, you don’t need to sort through the codes yourself. Once you’ve filled up your shopping bag the intelligent software will automatically select the code that will save you the most dollar!

Honey also emails you a few days later to let you know if there are any free cash back opportunities. And we all know what that means: more cash = more shopping!

Honey currently works on the likes of ASOS, River Island, Groupon and even Papa Johns! Yep, this app isn’t exclusively for fashion fans and offers savings across a whole host of products.

Donwload the app here. You won’t regret it.