Ordering From ASOS Is About To Get A Whole Lot Harder


If, like us, your online shopping obsession is bordering on out-of-control then I’m afraid we have some bad news.

Vans delivering online shopping orders could soon be banned from delivering to central London offices in a bid to ease congestion on the roads.

As anyone who works in an office knows, ordering shopping parcels direct to your desk couldn’t be easier. Forget about waiting in for your package or trekking to the post office to collect your latest buys, you can simply take advantage of your work’s post room instead.

However if London’s deputy mayor for transport’s plans go ahead, this could be a thing of the past.

Val Shawcross yesterday laid out plans that encouraged London business to ban employees from ordering goods direct to work, and instead encourage them to use click-and-collect facilities.

‘We ought to be encouraging employers to ban private deliveries to premises in central London. We need to be looking at click-and-collect type facilities in public transport modes so that people can collect their deliveries on the way home,’ Shawcross said.

In her speech for MPs, Shawcross explained that ‘light vans’ used for online deliveries make up a fifth of traffic in central London.

Her comments come following the news that London had fallen behind 22 other European cities including Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels in a survey that anaylsed air pollution levels.

While it is unclear at this stage how many businesses will take this advice on board, if you want to do your bit for the environment you might be better off using click-and-collect facilities, or doing some old fashion in-store shopping.