Which Kardashian Has A Secret Instagram Account?

Being the original selfie queen, it’s no shocker that Kim Kardashian loves talking about Instagram

And in a new interview with Pret-a-Reporter, she’s just let slip that one of her family members has a SECRET Instagram account that no one ever knew about! So who is it?!

> Kim Kardashian posing for vampy red lip selfie on Instagram


‘My stepdad [Bruce Jenner] has a secret account,’ she revealed. ‘He told me that he set it up so he can see what my sisters are doing, too.’

Oh Bruce, you sly dog! Makes sense, considering daughter Kylie Jenner recently confessed her parents rarely know where she is or what she’s doing half the time…

> Kylie Jenner’s admitted her dad Bruce Jenner rarely knows where she is or what she’s doing


The 34-year-old’s also been revealing all about how she got to 28.4 million Instagram followers and counting. 

‘I don’t plan it out,’ Kim told Hollywood Reporter. ‘If I’m feeling good about myself, and I like my outfit or hair and makeup or contouring, I will share it. Or if I have pictures I just got back from a photo shoot, I’ll share a series. I love a good throwback. There’s so much you can share, but I don’t have a method to it.’ 

> Bruce Jenner has a secret Instagram account that he uses to spy on his daughters


Kim also insisted she does it all herself, and has total control over what goes up. ‘I don’t have help,” she said. ‘No one else runs my social media. It’s whatever I feel like posting. From collages and screen grabs and cropping, it’s a whole process, and I do it.’

Well, she’s got that system locked down. Why change a sure thing?!

> Kim Kardashian reveals how she’s managed to rack up 28 million followers