1D Speak Out About *Those* Split Rumours

The world went into meltdown at the weekend with the news that One Direction are reportedly taking a break. The reports seemed to shatter the hearts of a million 1D devotees…

Although it has been hinted that the band may like to take some down time after their world tour, this news sparked a tidalwave of rumours that, in fact, it could mark the end of One Direction completely. 

Understandably, fans went into meltdown. But, thankfully, two members of 1D have taken to Twitter to calm things down once and for all. 

Louis Tomlinson, who is now expecting the band’s first baby, said: “Your support is truly indescribable! It’s just a break 🙂 we’re not going anywhere !!”


Whilst Niall addressed all of the speculation head on: “Ok so Lots of rumours going round. We are not splitting up, but we will be taking a well earned break at some point next year… Don’t worry though, we still have lots we want to achieve ! Can’t wait for you to hear all the new music we have for you and to perform.”


So. They are taking a well-deserved break, but it’s not the end. We can hear the resounding sounds of relief. 

So what caused all of the confusion in the first place?

The Sun reported that the boyband would be taking an ‘extended hiatus of at least a year to focus on solo projects’, and the rumour mill simply snowballed from there. 

‘The guys have been together for five years, which is an incredible run for any boyband’, the source told the newspaper. ‘They fully deserve to have at least a year to work on their own projects. There is absolutely no bad blood between them and they are all 100 per cent behind the decision.’

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one direction on stage Is this the end of One Direction? Well, for a year at least, it seems…


One Direction are said to have made the huge decision during crunch talks in London last weekend.

We imagine 1D fans will be rushing to secure a spot at what’s rumoured to be their last gig at Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield on October 31. Can you imagine the tears that will be flowing that night?!

But the break will officially start in March, according to the source. 

liam payne and louis tomlinson one direction Liam Payne recently admitted that the boys needed a break from work


While it is a shock for most, Liam Payne did hint at the group desperately needing some time out earlier this month. 

‘You know, I think everyone needs a little bit of a break now, and a sit down and a stop, to kind of take in all the great things that’ve happened’, he told Free Radio.

Explaining what he might want to do if they had a break, the singer continued: ‘There’s loads of things. I’ve been writing a lot on the road at the moment, not for me, just for other people. 

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one direction Zayn Malik left the band back in March to pursue his solo career


‘I’ve been doing a lot of things, you know trying to get into the producing side of it which is pretty cool.’

The Sun reports that Liam’s also looking into a DJ career. Ooh. DJ Payne, coming to Ibiza 2016?

It’s no secret that since quitting the band, Zayn has thrown himself into his new projects. As well as turning up at Paris Fashion Week over a serious imagie overhaul, he’s now signed with RCA Records and is thought to be working on various solo records.

Zayn Malik at the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week 2015 Zayn Malik at the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week 2015


Will the other boys be following the same path? Will Harry and Zayn go head-to-head in the solo stakes? Will Louis pursue a budding career in football for Doncaster Rovers?


It’s a whole new Direction for the boys (sorry). Let’s just watch this space…