On The Hunt For Your Dream Job? Say Hello to The British Army

Looking for an exciting career change this year? You might be surprised, but with great benefits and more than 200 diverse roles, the British Army could be exactly what you’re looking for. But what’s life like? Captain Leah Wiltshire, 28, Regimental Administrative Officer in the 1st Battalion Royal Irish Regiment, reveals why a job in the Army offers more than you realise…

1. Is the Army all about fighting and tough discipline?

‘Not at all. Although I served for six months in Afghanistan, that’s been my only combat experience in over five years. We’re fairly diverse at turning our hands to lots of things in the Army and it’s often supporting humanitarian missions, such as helping combat the Ebola crisis or something closer to home, like supporting those affected by the floods last year.

‘Professional and personal discipline is important because of the situations we operate in – we’re part of a team and we have to work well together. There is a hierarchy, but it’s definitely not a dictatorship and we’re not brainwashed!’

2. With all the travel and training, isn’t it disruptive to family life?

‘The Army sees itself as a family and there’s a great awareness of the importance of family life and having a good work-life balance. Our 38 days annual holiday means it’s easy to keep up with our extended families. There’s an incredibly good maternity package too.’

3. What does the Army offer that other companies don’t?

‘Fantastic equal opportunities and there’s no glass ceiling for women. We’re promoted on merit and judged on ability and performance, not gender. There’s job stability and great financial security, too. We also have incredible role models who achieve great things and really make a difference.’

Tempted? There’s even the option to join as a Reservist, where you’re paid to train in your spare time.

To find out more about life in the Army, go to army.mod.uk/join/