OMG! Primark Has Launched On Asos!

This is seriously big news! We’re the first to be able to tell you that Primark has today launched on online fashion website Asos, which means the budget brand just got even easier to shop – hoorah!

For the first time ever you’ll be able to shop Primark’s amazing products online, which means bargain dresses, holiday staples and catwalk-worthy heels are now only a click away. Oo-er.

We can’t get over how convenient (and cheap) our shopping splurges are about to become, and we’re also mega happy about the fact that we’ll no longer be battling the crowds in Primark every Saturday just to get our fashion fix.

In fact, this latest Primark news is so exciting, we think it deserves a toast – too early in the week for champers?

Head over to Asos now and start shopping before it all sells-out. This may just be the biggest fashion news in 2013!

Plus, you can now shop Primark’s denim range over at Selfridges. Looks like we’re being absolutely spoilt!

By Hannah Gale, 3 May 2013

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