Olivia Palermo – The Birthday Girl’s Style Rules

Photos: Rex

As Olivia Palermo turns 29 tomorrow, we celebrate the star’s flawless style and remember that time she let LOOK in on her styling secrets.

When one of the most stylish women of our time decides to dish out her words of wardrobe wisdom, it’s time to pay attention. So listen up ladies, these are the seven rules which will have you looking like the style maven in no time.

1. “Wear The Right Shape For Your Body”

“The biggest fashion faux pas I see when I’m walking down the street is when women don’t wear the right shape for their frame. To understand the proportions of your body is seriously important. That little nip of tailoring can make all the difference. It’s so essential that women know how to dress for a woman’s body.”

2. “It’s Not About How Much Something Costs”

“If I was a designer, I’d never want to see a woman head to toe in one of my designs. I’d want them to create their own look. It’s not about how much something costs – [it’s whether] it looks great. I always like adding a bit of high street to things.”

Olivia wearing a Marks & Spencer skirt with her designer gear during New York Fashion Week.

3. “Be Inspired By Everything”

“Tokyo is one of my biggest inspirations. The street style there is unlike anywhere else in the world. And I like the fact that men [there] love style, too. I love menswear. That’s my absolute favourite thing to wear. A lot of people see me in skirts or dresses, but I’m at my happiest in a pair of pants and a chiffon shirt. I love photography, art museums, art galleries, architecture – you can really be inspired by every single thing. Look at other people, too. I think all of my girlfriends working in fashion are the ultimate chic.”

4. “Ask Your Man’s Advice, But Be Prepared to Ignore It”

“[Johannes and I] get dressed separately, and that’s it. We meet at the door. On occasion, if I ask for an opinion, he’ll give it to me [laughs]. I think that we grow together and I love having the German influence in our house. I think it’s a nice international balance. I mean, he could wear a garbage bag and still look fantastic. He wears absolutely everything well. I like him in a suit, but also relaxed. Just the way he is. I have an amazing husband.”

Olivia with her dapper husband Johannes Huebl.

5. “Wear More Colour In The Winter”

“I always say, maybe wear a little bit more colour in the winter. It’s great to take basics and layer and play – but for summer, all you need is a great dress.”

6. “Always Wear Something That Makes You Feel Amazing…”

“Confidence has nothing to do with physical appearance, but looking your best will make you feel your best. Wear something that gives you an amazing feeling, regardless of trends, and take your time with make-up and hair. Use a favourite scented body lotion – anything that’s indulgent. Confidence is a self-fulfilling prophecy, so keep telling yourself how great you are.”

7.    “Have Great Accessories”

“Some people are a little bit more minimalist, but I’m an accessories fan. It’s whatever catches the eye. I always have a ring on, a watch, a bracelet – I play around with it. I love to mix colours. I don’t have rules, like  ‘you can’t wear silver and gold’. You can mix it. I have a gold bracelet my mum gave me that I wear almost every day. So have a great cocktail ring or a statement piece of jewellery that you can throw on in the summer or winter and play it up.”

Olivia “Accessories” Palermo showing off how to do it in style.

By Amy de Klerk