The Beckham’s Dog Olive Is Now On Instagram

The newest member of the Beckham family has joined Instagram!

No, not Harper (although how amazing will that day be?), but Olive the dog.

We were first introduced to the cute black cocker spaniel back in September when Victoria posted a photo of her with the caption: ‘Meet Olive Beckham x our new baby x x v.’

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olive beckham instagram We have a sneaking suspicion that her big brother could be behind the cute account


And just a few months later, Olive’s got her own social media account – and already a whopping 49,000 followers to boot. Well, with a face that cute, are we surprised?

Brooklyn Beckham alerted fans to Olive’s new online presence on his own acount, simply writing: ‘Follow my dog @olivebeckham23.’


olive beckham Olive Beckham looking cosy in her bed…


The cute pooch’s first post was a video of her playing in the park with her big brother.

‘Catch with my owner @brooklynbeckham’, read the caption.

olive beckham instagram Olive’s first post was a video of her and Brooklyn in the park…


And the second? Only the cutest selfie, again with Brooklyn, with both Olive and Brooklyn giving the camera some serious puppy dog eyes.

‘This is my owner I’m just helping him with his Christmas homework.’

olive beckham dog David and Olive looking ready for Christmas!


Hmm, we wonder who could be behind Olive’s Instagram account? Brooklyn, we’re looking at you.

The Beckhams also have three other dogs, Shar-pei pooch Baranby, and two Bulldogs called Coco and Scarlet, but right now, it’s Olive who’s stealing the show…

olive beckham instagram Olive already has nearly 50,000 Instagram followers