LOOK’s Lovely Afternoon Out At Bar Soho

With Fashion Month kicking off, and four weeks of clothes, catwalks and cocktails on the horizon, there’s really only one way to prepare: running away from it all and burying our head in the sand (/a plate of chicken wings). At least for three and a half hours.

Which is probably why, when the LOOK team was invited down to Bar Soho in central London last week for an afternoon’s escape, the office erupted in slightly-hysterical screams. After all, not only is Bar Soho located in the heart of the city (and nobody wants to have to totter over the cobbles for more than ten minutes to get to a tube station), but the first floor bar features a bathtub converted into a sofa.

Yep, you read that right. Surrounded by toilet-seat, er, seats, the bathtub-sofa is just one rubber duck short of the real deal, and is tucked away in one of the venue’s cosiest alcoves – we’d recommend booking it in advance to be sure of getting in there. And – in case you were wondering – it fits four members of the LOOK team on it at any given time. Five at a push.

Moving away from the bar-throom – and with an extensive menu to choose from – we ordered so many chicken wings, calamari rings and pulled pork tacos that plates were soon balancing on every surface, and tall glasses of prosecco were clutched in every hand. That’s until we discovered the cocktail list – at which point fizz was replaced with fruit, and white wine was replaced with jug upon jug of ‘woo woo’, obviously.

Dancing is a big deal at Bar Soho (of course it is). Happy Hour kicked off at 5pm, and with Beyonce tunes were cranked, our heels were discarded as we took to the dancefloor – only pausing to grab another chicken wing or eight along the way. And at this point, all memory becomes a little bit fuzzy. But, with a space perfect for intimate get-togethers and group gatherings alike, the team was certain of one thing the next day: we’re going to have to go back. 

By Corinne Redfern