LOOK’s Easter Egg Hunt: Win Prizes From Desire Clothing

LOOK’s Easter bunny has come three days early to LOOK HQ and planted eggs in the form of Desire Clothing goodies for us to find. So much better than chocolate!If you want to join in the hunt to win one of six gorgeous items from Desire Clothing’s website , just follow us on Facebook here and Twitter here.

One clue will appear every hour from 11am until 4pm. But before you hunt, let’s play fair and follow the rules…

Easter egg hunt rules: You’ll need to find the exact website page from the LOOK website and copy and paste that link on Facebook, or you can Tweet us. We’ll post a clue on Facebook and Twitter, along with a photo in the “Easter egg hunt” album of the website page to help you find the correct page. Then once you’ve found it, post the correct website page (the URL) to Facebook comments (under the clue) or with a Tweet. After 30 minutes of hunting, a winner will be picked at random. Simple!
Have a look at the great Desire Clothing items you could win. Each winner gets to pick any item they like! Wow!

Clue 1 (11am): Winner announced 11.30

Clue 2 (12pm): Winner announced 12.30

Clue 3 (1pm): Winner announced 13.30

Clue 4 (2pm): Winner announced 14.30

Clue 5 (3pm): Winner announced 15.30

Clue 6 (4pm): Winner announced 16.30

Have fun! And good luck!