Want To Get Your Photo In LOOK Magazine? Here’s How…

Every week, LOOK’s fashion teams will scour our street style website, Look What I’m Wearing, in search of the most fashion savvy users and the hottest emerging style trends. Their picks will feature in LOOK, so you can show off your style to the world!

You can start uploading straight away, by connecting to Look What I’m Wearing with Facebook. To give you the best chance of making it in to the mag, here are our top tips for taking the best pic and what we’re looking for:

  • Upload a full-length photo – we want to see your shoes too so don’t crop off your feet!
  • Good lighting is the A-list secret to photo success – natural light is usually best but any good light will do.
  • Quality is everything – try to upload the best possible photo you can and avoid blurry ones.
  • Be creative – we want to see how you style it. An A-list budget isn’t the key to getting picked, it’s how you put your outfit together, whether you’re wearing Prada or Primark!
  • Pick your backdrop carefully – think about where you’re going to stand for your photo. An interesting location can really add to your picture, but make sure it isn’t too busy, or it will detract from your look!
  • Don’t forget to tell us what you’re wearing! We want to know where you got your whole outfit from, so make sure you tag as many pieces as possible with what you’re wearing and where it’s from.
  • Tell your friends! To get onto the Hottest Looks page and really stand out, you need as many likes as possible. Share your looks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more using the sharing buttons and get your friends to like your photos.
Some details to bear in mind:
  • Make sure your image is no bigger than 10MB and no smaller than 450 pixels wide and 600 high.
  • You can crop your image on the upload page, so it’s best to take one with plenty of space around you.
  • Don’t forget to file your look in a fashion category. Whether you’re wearing it to work or to party, we want to know!
  • You can add more info in the ‘Want To Tell Us Anything Else?’ box, let us know why you love your look!

So what are you waiting for? Head to Look What I’m Wearing, now!

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