The Notebook Is *Really* Being Made Into A TV Series

The Notebook has fast become the must-watch movie for a dose of true love.

In fact, it’s the perfect addition to pretty much any social situation.

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If you’re invited to a girls night in with all of your BFFs, and their flick of choice doesn’t include Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams frolicking around in the sea pretending to be birds, it’s just not a proper slumber party, to be honest. 


Some have even used it as the icebreaker for a first date. If you’ve never ‘Notebooked’ a guy, we suggest you start. Immediately. 

For lovers of this romantic lovefest, we’ve got some exciting news.


Soon, you’ll be able to get a regular dose of Allie and Noah’s incredible story on your telly screen. Yup, the novel and the box office hit have proved so popular, it’s now being translated to the small screen. 

According to E! news, a script is already in the development stages.

The series will be based on the book and the movie, staying true to the characters we all know and cherish. Phew. 

And it should fill in plenty of gaps, too. It will follow “the romantic journey of the two beloved central characters Noah and Allie” starting from the beginning of their romance, and going beyond their post-war reunion. 

To say we’re excited is an understatement. 

We just hope that those big moments are captured with as much emotion as Ryan and Rachel mustered. 


That’s definitely true now… 

By Laura Jane Turner