No Wonder Katie Holmes Has Been Looking So Sassy

Once upon a time, Katie Holmes was a shy, girl-next-door-type who got to kiss Pacey in Dawson’s Creek and had the best dimples on Ch4.  But in the past year, the 36-year-old actress has undergone one seriously sassy makeover. 

Who could forget when she emerged at Berlin Fashion Week in that luxe wool coat, dove grey knee-high boots and a matching trilby, all swishy hair and coy smile back in February?

And then there was the JC Penney event later that month, where she arrived working leather trousers, stilettos and a sheer blouse, all peekabo bra and red lip.

> Katie Holmes working a tight LBD, a vampy red lip and wet-look retro waves at the Zac Posen party


And don’t even get us started on the Zac Posen party, where the pretty brunette gave even fellow party-goer Rihanna a run for her money by turning up in an ah-mazing skintight LBD, working a scarlet pout and retro wet-look hair. Miaow. 

Safe to say we’ve been admiring Katie’s style evolution for a while now. And now, we think we know the source of her new-found sass-itude.

> Leather trousers are a sure fire way to sex up your wardrobe, as Katie Holmes knows


A new photo has emerged of Katie and actor/singer Jamie Foxx holding hands and slyly playing footsie in a recording studio, confirming rumours that the pair are dating after meeting at a Hamptons benefit a year and a half ago. 

‘Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with,’ a mutual pal told US Weekly. ‘She’s getting everything from Jamie that she didn’t get with Tom [Cruise].’

We LOVE this unlikely new couple. And with reports adding that Foxx even refers to her as ‘my girl’ in public, we couldn’t think of a cuter pairing. Come on you guys, make it public!

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> Is Jamie Foxx behind Katie Holmes’ recent sexy style transformation?