Nicole Scherzinger’s Guide To A Fit And Fierce Bikini Bod

Nicole Scherzinger‘s bikini body is one of the fiercest (and fittest) in showbiz, with her rock hard abs, super toned torso and long and lean limbs having us running for our kettle bells to achieve some of that strong, sexy Scherzy-ness.

And because we’re such big fans, we tracked down the former Pussycat Doll to grill her about how she gets her hot bod beach-ready, as well as to pick up her top food and fitness tips. Over to you, lady!

Hi Nicole! You must eat pretty healthily to maintain that gorgeous physique of yours. What’s in your fridge?

I love to make sure I have the basics in my fridge, so eggs, almond milk, arugala, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, baby swiss, cheddar, brie and lots of condiments as I’m a saucy girl… [Laughs]. And a bottle of champagne that’s probably been there for five years!

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

My ultimate guilty food pleasure? I love my Müller De Luxe Vanille D’or, because who has golden chocolate balls and toffee in their yogurt other than Müller? So it’s a perfect fit! I also love my pasta, I love my cheeses and I really like red velvet cheesecake and Kettle Chips.

What are your tips for toning up a bikini bod?
Cardio is great as it burns fat all over and tones you down, but I’d say focus on the squats, ladies. Put the weight in the back of those heels and get a good exercise ball to do your abs on that. Also, suck in your stomach when you do your abs – a lot of people push their stomach out when they do their abs.

Describe your dream way to spend a sunny summer’s day…
I think going to the beach, running along the beach listening to music, playing some beach volleyball with friends and family and then having a little cook-out. I love playing in the ocean and having a bonfire and someone playing a bit of guitar or ukulele underneath the stars. That would be my dream summer’s day.

Nicole is the face of face for the Muller Corner De Luxe desserts range.

By Robyn Munson

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