Nicole Scherzinger Just Had THE Most Awkward Interview

Nicole Scherzinger just had to put up with a line of questioning no woman should have to deal with.

Despite splitting up with Lewis Hamilton back in February, it seems everyone’s minds are still firmly on her former relationship.

And when she made an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the US chat show host could focus on nothing else. But wait until you hear how she tackled it… 

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nicole scherzinger and lewis hamilton Nicole and Lewis broke up back in February after 7 years together


The 51-year-old started with saying to the singer: ‘I was saying, truth, because you’re 37, this is a woman who spent seven years of her life breaking up and getting back together.’

‘Those are seven years you can never get back and he was really wealthy,’ Wendy continued. ‘I was rooting for you, girl. I’m sorry to hear about that.’

Whilst Nicole took the comments fairly well, simply nodding along with the host, it then got worse. Because the chat show host decided to then suggest that Scherzy should now be worried about her fertility… We mean, WHAT?!

nicole scherzinger wedding dress Nicole recently got everyone talking when she rocked a wedding dress on Instagram


Pointing at the former Pussycat Doll’s womb, Williams added that those seven years ‘wasted’ were: ‘The good years down here.’ We don’t even have the words.

Ever the professional, Nicole replied: ‘Everything happens for a reason. Seven years was a long time… That’s alright though.’ 

‘Whatever you experience in life and relationships, you’re obviously meant to grow from it and learn more about yourself. I’m still learning so much.’ 

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lewis hamilton holding a baby Feeling broody, Lewis?!


Well handled lady. Also, it’s not like Scherzy’s sitting around moping at what could have been. Only yesterday, we saw her working it on Instagram decked out in a wedding dress and playing the perfect bride. Whether it was for a shoot or something else, this girl is definitely looking forward, not backwards.

And as for her Formula 1 ex? Well, he’s been busy hanging out with adorable babies on Instagram and getting the rumourmill going with who he’ll be dating next.

So in a nutshell, they’re both fine, and we think it’s time to talk about something else.


nicole scherzinger and lewis hamilton Nicole was questioned by Wendy about her ‘wasted’ years with the F1 pro…