Nicole Scherzinger Reveals An Unlikely Shoe Obsession…

She’s back! With her second album about to drop, we caught up with Nicole Scherzinger to talk fashion, dressing up, and her wardrobe full of Louboutins… 

Hi Nicole! It’s been a while since Killer Love, why the wait?

I don’t like to do anything half-way. I dedicated a lot of time to the X Factor and working with my contestants. I wanted them to be the most authentic version of themselves. Then I thought I should re-evaluate myself as an artist, so that’s what I’ve done. 

You’ve said Big Fat Lie is your most personal music yet…

I feel more confident and comfortable than ever. It’s something to do with age, definitely. You hit your 30s and it’s like your chemicals balance out a little bit more. You just settle.

Your style seems more casual than the red carpet glamour of the X Factor days?

I’m a Pussycat Doll at heart so I love to dress up – or ‘Doll up’ as I like to say! But in everyday life, I’m happy in jeans, leather jacket and a tank top or boho skirt. I’m going through a trainer phase at the moment. I still have my heels, spiked boots and Louboutins, but it’s refreshing to rock the kicks. The most important thing in fashion is your have to love it and rock it. Look at Pharrell Williams in that hat, he didn’t care!

What do you like to perform in?

It’s a different feel when you perform with kicks; I can do a lot more hip hop dancing. But I did a show the other day in heels and I loved it. It’s the Doll that comes out in me.

Which Brit designers do you love?

I loved the Matthew Williamson show at London Fashion Week. It was very Hawaiian-print inspired. And Alice Temperley was really fresh and cool and both strong and feminine.

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Nicole’s album Big Fat Lie is released 20th October.

By Scarlett Russell and Katie Langford-Foster