This Newsreader’s Reaction To The Kardashians Is Priceless

Whether it’s Kylie Jenner’s $320,000 18th birthday Ferrari, Kim Kardashian’s pregnant naked selfies or Khloe Kardashian’s internet-breaking butt, it seems the Kardashian family are pretty much everywhere we turn – and for one newsreader in particular, it’s all a bit too much. 

When asked about the latest Kardashian news, FOX 35’s anchor, John Brown, burst into a total state of hysteria. Yep, during his usual segment on Friday, the presenter was asked for his thoughts on Kylie naming her pet rabbit ‘Bruce’ after her father (now Caitlin), and what happened next was completely unexpected. John stormed off set leaving his co-host alone! And with his mic still on, FOX 35’s audience were witness to one epic rant:

“OK, I’m having a good Friday so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today. I can’t do it, I’ve had enough of the Kardashians! I can’t take any more!”

And it didn’t stop there. A fellow colleague stepped in to save the day and join John’s co-host on set while John continued to express his disgust for the famous family:

“You’re talking about this family everyday on this show, nobody cares anymore, I’ve had enough. It’s Friday, I want to have a good Friday! I don’t want to talk about the Kardashians, we do it every freaking show. Listen to the research, nobody cares about the Kardashians anymore.”

Hmm, we’re not so sure about that Mr Brown. Much to his dismay, his video soon began trending on Facebook, proving once again that a Kardashian story is a big story.

Shortly after, Brown took to Facebook to post the following status: “Sorry, I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest! I did feel better after I was done though.”

Deep breaths, John, deep breaths.

By Bridie Wilkins