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It’s Happened. ASOS AW16 Has Arrived!

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, for ASOS AW16 has just landed, and we've already got 27484933 items in our basket. Don't believe us? We defy you to look at this treasure trove of autumnal delights without losing your mind...

Ok, we knew this day would come. We knew it would be hard. Harder on our wallets than us personally, granted, but still. Right now, we’re not too proud to say that we’re browsing ASOS. “So what?” we hear you cry. Well, this isn’t just our average (daily) browse. This is an autumn/winter browse.


Oversized sleeves, statement denim and silk slips are just some of the gems in the ASOS AW16 collection

That’s right, everyone! ASOS AW16 has landed, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not even if Gucci had a surprise flash sale and reduced everything to £1. You know why? Because this isn’t hypothetical. ASOS’s promise of a dream, perfect wardrobe for the new season is tangible. It’s real. It’s currently in our basket.

From Vetements-inspired slogan sweaters and plaid shirts to masses of beautiful embroidery, luxe velvet and flounces galore, these are the pieces we’ve been waiting for, ever since our sneak peek of the collection (as seen in this video, featuring our very own stylist, Lucie Clifford).

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Velvet two pieces, frilled-hems, jacquard bomber jackets… our love for ASOS AW16 knows no end.

Lucie infiltrated ASOS HQ a few weeks ago to check out the very best of AW16, making her guess as to what will be a sell-out. As you can see, Lucie picked some corkers including a jacquard PJ jacket, a cold-shoulder blouse (hello, frills) and the kind of bag that actually wouldn’t look out of place in that hypothetical Gucci flash sale. In other words, it’s all dreamy.

It’s not just those star buys, either. We’ve seen so many key pieces that are guaranteed to sell-out faster than you can say, er, ASOS AW16. There are embellished blouses, metallic mules, tea dresses, denim pinafores, pleated satin skirts and quilted coats. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

So, really, only one question remains: what are you still doing here? It’s already September, which means it’s definitely not too early to start planning every outfit you’ll ever wear this winter.

If, by any chance, Gucci does decide to stage said sale, it’ll be too late anyway. We’ll have spent all our money at ASOS…

Just to make it even easier, ASOS has prepared an AW16 hotlist, meaning you can browse all the best bits of AW16 in one place.