You NEED To Know This Zara News

Warning: You'll be even more addicted

We may all make the regular decision whether to buy lunch, or get that Zara shirt we’ve been eyeing up in the new in section. But, how much do we actually know about our fave go-to?

Well, we obvs know that it has about 1,279 dresses we need to add to our never ending collection – along with 3,000 pairs of shoes. But, now there’s going to be an actual documentary about Zara so we can get a new type of fix.

If there’s a fix we can get that doesn’t mean our credit cards getting a serious bashing, then we’re sold!

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The Prime Entertainment Group has made the doc ‘Zara: The Story Of The World’s Richest Man’, and it gives us all an exclusive look behind the scenes.

With hidden cameras and interviews with founder Amancio Ortego (known as the richest man in the world)  it’s going to be seriously juicy with a capital J.

Things you’ll already know about Zara is that 1) no matter how long ago you bought your bag you’ll still have people asking where it’s from 2) you can guarantee at least 3 of your friends/work pals will turn up wearing the same outfit on multiple occasions.

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What you can learn from the new documentary according to Refinery29 (who have already had a sneak peek) is that Amancio originally got in to the industry by creating bathrobes with a tiny 30euro loan.

Also, Zara actually invented fast-fashion by getting trend-led product on to the market in 2-4 weeks instead of the usual 40…which is why Zara always has a million new things we want at all times.

Our wardrobes are thanking you, but our credit cards are definitely not.

The documentary isn’t out for a few months and it’s hitting Germany first, so what do we do in the meantime? Shop the new season pre-fall collection, obvs…

Zara boots

Floral boots, £39.99, Zara

Because, this hot-but-not weather means we can officially buy new season boots now – these floral beauties are a winner.

Zara dress

Green dress, £59.99, Zara

Green is the new pink for autumn/winter, start wearing the trend early with this dreamy textured frock.

Zara top

Cat blouse, £39.99, Zara

Cat ladies rejoice, the cat print is well and truly back…there’s matching trews, too, FYI.

Enjoy your shop while we all wait anxiously for our new fave program to arrive.

By Harriet Davey