A Dad Illustrates All The LOL Things He Says To His Kids

If you’re a parent, you’re going to fully relate to Nathan Ripperger’s life.

A video producer and graphic designer from Iowa, Nathan is dad to five boys: Noah, 9; Owen, 6; Micah, 4; and Liam, 3. 

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And like most parents, he has to put up with some seriously questionable behaviour from his kids.

Which is why he came up with the genius idea to write down all of the hilarious things he finds himself saying to his boys, and illustrating them beautifully for a book, called ‘Things I’ve Said To My Children.’


It’s so funny that it’s gone a bit viral, and is still going despite first being posted back in 2010. Let’s hear from Nathan himself.

‘It seems like I am constantly telling my children not to lick things. Or touch things,’ Ripperger told TODAY.com. ‘When going to the grocery store, I am telling my boys to stop touching the pickles, the mayonnaise, (to) stop dancing with the bread.


‘When you’re a parent, after a while the absurdity just washes over you’, he added. ‘That’s the hardest part about parenting for me — to not let yourself be so caught up with your day-to-day business of life and really just enjoy the time with your children.’  

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The book comprises of 80 of the weirdest things he’s said to his sons, such as ‘Did you put syrup on the dog?’, and ‘I am not talking to you until you are wearing underwear.’


‘They will do the most unexpected things or say the most bizarre things without a second thought’, the author continued. ‘Their minds are constantly working and exploring, and if you join them and let go, it can be some of the best memories you can make with you kids.’

LOL. This majorly cheered up our day…