Natalie Portman On The Pay Gap, Getting Drunk And Social Media

Harvard graduate and Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman is one of LOOK’s most loved A-listers. In fact, we can barely keep count of the reasons to love her. When she’s not producing huge hits for the big screen (she won an Oscar for her role in Black Swan), or modelling for the likes of Dior (she’s currently the face of Miss Dior), she’s making us swoon with pics of her and her adorable 4-year-old son Adelph. As if that wasn’t enough, the model-turned-actress can speak fluent Hebrew, French, Spanish, German and Japanese. Is there anything this girl can’t do?

In her latest interview with Marie Claire, Nat gave us even more girl crush ammunition. So, considering she’s been a child-star since the tender age of 10 following her film debut in Leon: The Professional, you’d think Miss Portman would have lived a life of riches. Well, you were wrong. Speaking to Marie Claire, she revealed just how normal her childhood was – all thanks to the absence of social media:

“I was in that lucky window: there was no Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I went out and got drunk with my friends and no one knew.” See, she’s just like us!

Nat is also keen to bridge the gender pay gap. She added: “There is an outrageous discrepancy between men and women in Hollywood. Titanic is a huge hit and Leonardo DiCaprio immediately goes to $20 million per movie and Kate Winslet doesn’t. But that feels like it’s changing. Young women like Jennifer Lawrence and Kristen Stewart – they’re the stars now. I don’t even know who the guys are who are their age.” Hear, hear Nat!

And we can’t help but admire Natalie’s humble attitude when jobs are scarce. She said: “I don’t get panicky, I know the waves. I feel like I’ve done so much, it allows me to try new things, like directing. I’ve been doing this long enough to see that my path is my own. I’m not in a race with anyone.”

Natalie has always been outspoken when it comes to her own Jewish heritage, speaing out against anti-semitism. She addressed the recent surge of attacks on the Jewish community in Paris, saying: “It exists. Hatred exists in many forms and it’s important to be aware. If you can take something positive from it, it allows us to have more empathy to others who are experiencing it.”  


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By Bridie Wilkins