See Inside This Supermodel’s Dreamy House

After living there for 10 years, Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova has put her jaw-dropping £3 million country estate on the market – and we’ve got the snaps. Brace yourselves..

Complete with spa and swimming pool, the property is in fact an 18th-century converted windmill in West Sussex where the supermodel and her ex-husband and aristocrat Justin Portman lived until their split in 2011. Their three children Lucas, Neva and Viktor also lived with their parents in the house.

However, judging by Natalia’s immaculate appearance and flawless dress sense, you’d expect a pretty lavish interior, right? Think again.

The Lodsbridge Mille estate consisting of a four-bedroom house, a separate three-bedroom cottage and 19 acres of countryside is the epitome of rustic charm, priding itself on simple, classic furniture, wooden detailing, floor-to-ceiling height glass doors and brick-walls.



Take the kitchen. A triple stove aga oven gives the room a homey vintage feel, while the stand-alone bronze bath-tub in the principal suite makes for a chic antique look.




But for us, the selling point has to be the swimming pool. Both indoor and outdoor, the two are linked via an underwater arch and surrounded by full-length glass doors with views of the most perfect countryside we’ve ever laid eyes upon.




It doesn’t stop there. The swimming pool is just one component of a full spa complex including a sauna, plunge pool, steam room and treatment rooms. No, we’re not kidding.

And if that’s not relaxing enough for you, each and every room has views of the River Rother. Bliss.





Of course, this isn’t the only shack the couple had. As well as a lavish home in London, they were the proud owners of a 3000 acre estate in Herefordshire, a home in New York and a retreat in Uruguay. How the other half live, eh?!


Pictures: Pereds