The Affordable Collection With An A-List Fan Club

Give it a few days and you'll see it EVERYWHERE

It’s the brand everyone is talking about. The brand we’ve seen Beyoncé and Taylor Swift wearing. And the brand behind the dress you’ll have seen literally everyone wearing. It’s Nasty Gal, and this time we’re here to tell you about their latest collection: the After Party Vintage collection.

It’s not the first one the brand has done, but trust us when we say it’s  the most exciting. Why? Well, consisting of 20 pieces designed and produced in Downtown Los Angeles, each and every bit is sustainably sourced using only reworked vintage.

We’re talking Levi 501 jeans amped up with iron-on stars, and vintage leather shorts updated with one of a kind studding. How’s about a denim mini complete with mini lip patches? Or a jean patchwork top to go with your bottoms? We could go on.

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What’s more, the collection is limited edition, making the likelihood of turning up in the same as someone else next to none.

By now, we’d forgive you for expecting some spenny price tags, but you couldn’t be more wrong; the collection actually ranges from £35-£100. We know.

To recap, you’re looking at what might be the most affordable, stylish limited edition vintage range you’ll ever come across, while we can confirm a load of celebs/Insta stars have already put in their orders. Get yours here.