Myleene Talks Exclusively To LOOK About Her Latest Littlewoods Line

If you’ve already snapped up your copy of this week’s LOOK magazine, you may have noticed us going a bit gaga for Myleene Klass‘ new range for Littlewoods. Packed with fiirty printed frocks, sleek pencil skirts and gorgeous statement bikinis, it’s by far her most desirable collection to date for the high street label. We caught up with the lady herself over a couple of ginger daiquiris to get the lowdown on her hot collection, available online now. SR

LOOK: We love the collection, but what’s your favourite piece?

Myleene: In the bikinis, I would say it’s the orange one. Very, very closely followed by the leopard print. Clothes-wise, at the minute I’m loving the orange and pink body-con dress, and the monochrome eagle-print one. I love all of it! I sat there and thought: ‘I need an outfit for the school run, an outfit for a girls’ night out, a tea dress for lunches’
– something for everything really!

LOOK: It’s a high-summer collection, so how are you making the pieces work for right now?

Myleene: I’ve worn the green floral dress a gazillion times with a leather jacket from the collection and tights, or a big sloppy boyfriend cardigan just to dress it down. It’s all about layering at this stage, even when it’s high summer. There can still be rain – don’t be fooled!

LOOK: Are there any SS13 catwalk trends you’re championing with the range?

Myleene: Monochrome, definitely. But I’ve given women ways to work it into their everyday wardrobe that aren’t as extreme as on the catwalk. Even the beach cover-up with the zigzags – they can feel like they’re partaking in the trend without it wearing them.

LOOK: So what made you decide to design swimwear this season?

Myleene: Because, since I took a shower in a certain jungle, I’ve been thinking about designing different swimwear ranges and it never felt right until now. When I sat with Littlewoods and they said we want to make something that’s going to go up to a size 20 (from 6-20 – that’s who we’re catering for), you’ve got to get it right. It’s so intimidating buying a swimsuit at the best of times. I like the fact that this way, you can try it on at home, ring your girlfriend up and say: “Well? What does it really look like?” Order online, try it on at home, decide, decide a little bit more, have a cup of tea, think it over and buy them all!

LOOK: You’ve got such a fabulous figure, but swimwear shopping can be pretty daunting for the rest of us…

Myleene: Ok, so I’ve just had to stand next to 6ft Amazonian goddesses (at her launch last week) – believe me, everybody feels that way!

LOOK: So it was important to you to cater to different shapes and sizes?

Myleene: Of course! I don’t sit here thinking my swimwear body is perfect – I just know a lot of tricks that I’ve incorporated into the range. We’ve got a white bikini, which I’ve given a broiderie anglais twist to make it more feminine. It doesn’t go see-through – I’ve padded it out, ladies! Usually, white bikinis are not our friends when it comes to the lack of lining, so I’ve sorted that out! I’ve also made sure you can tie the bows closer so they’re not enlarging your hips, and that the tops are supported with underwire, have padding in the right places and removable straps. The devil is in the detail!

LOOK: If you could only take three pieces with you on your next getaway, what would they be?

Myleene: Definitely the orange bikini, the leopard bikini (because I can’t choose between the two), and the white lace granddad shirt.