Myleene Klass Reveals How She Really Stays In Shape

Myleene Klass is unstoppable. Successful pop career? Check. TV gold? Check. But not only is she one of the most in-demand presenters on the box, she’s a bona fide fashion darling thanks to her past eight iconic collections for Littlewoods. And her latest offering for the brand is sure to be a sell out – especially the sexy lingerie that we got a first look at. Think leopard print twin-sets and lust-worthy lace onesies. Party outfit under-prep sorted!

The 37-year old is our poster-girl for body confidence – whether she’s rocking a flesh-bearing dress on the red carpet or giving us serious bikini-body envy on Instagram. And who can forget that shower scene on I’m A Celeb in 2006. Her message? Women should celebrate their figures. Just last month she knocked down haters on twitter for body shaming celebrities from Cheryl Fernanadez-Versini and Caroline Flack. Just one more reason to love Myleene.

Yup, while her romantic relationships have created headlines in the past [after her shock split from husband of six months, and boyfriend of 11 years Graham Quinn three years ago] the mum of two has always been a fighter…with a little help from her BFF’s (her young daughters) and boxing sessions. LOOK caught up with the superwoman…

Hi Myleene! You’ve been in show business for a long time now – what’s been the best aspect of your career?

The fact that I’m sat here talking to you fifteen years down the line! There will always be people who are famous for certain reasons, and people who use their fame to endorse brands and products… but I think I’ve had to diversify and at the same time I’ve grown as a person.


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Did you experience any backlash when you were starting out?

People laughed at me when I told them I wanted to build my own empire. But here I am selling my range of luggage, hair electricals, make-up, dresses, lingerie and swimwear. That’s got to count for something.

You seem like you have a very thick skin…

My confidence is growing all the time. Being a working mum in such a competitive and fast changing climate I’d like to think I’ve been able to speak up for women. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to where I am and of course you have good and bad days at the office but that’s what I signed up for.




Will you get a chance to jet off anywhere this Christmas?

Yes definitely! Don’t get me wrong, I will be sitting watching the Queen’s Speech with my dad and putting batteries in the girls’ [Ava, seven; Hero, four]  new toys on Christmas Day, but if you know me you’ll know I love to travel, which I get from my dad who was in the Navy. We counted that by the time Ava was two and a half years old she’d already been to 43 countries. I can pack my suitcase in about 10 minutes before I have to leave to go anywhere.

You always look amazing in your holiday snaps. What’s your go-to fitness routine before you go away somewhere?

I promise you I don’t go to the gym! I don’t think I’ve been pictured leaving one since my Hear’Say days.  But I do love boxing though, which you can easily do in the garden – the girls get a pad each and get involved too! And I’ll usually up my swimming sessions – my girls love it, so it’s a great family activity we can do at weekends. Also small changes like taking the stairs instead of the escalator make a difference, I never use those moving walkways at airports either!





What are your luggage essentials to take with you?

Pyjamas and underwear which are small and easy to pack, one dress for the day, one dress for the night, and of course shoes. Sorted!

Your skin always looks flawless. Do you change up your beauty routine going into the colder months?

I exfoliate like a demon! And slathering lots of lotion when I get out the shower always helps.

Having sneak peek at the AW ’15 Collection, we love it
. What’s your favourite piece?  

The lace onesie – you really wouldn’t mind your other half seeing you in. I said to my girlfriends, “I really need a sexy onesie” and that’s exactly what it is. Just wear your regular underwear underneath, and you’ll feel comfy and sexy all at once. What more could you want?

Do you think underwear is just s important as a killer outfit?

Absolutely, good underwear really is the foundation to your garment. I read something crazy that 60% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so think how amazing they’d look if they made the change. No one wants the four boob look!






What will you be wearing to all parties this season?

If it ain’t sequin, it ain’t happening! It’s not going to make the cut. This range is also about what I want to wear this season and, for me, as soon as it hits November, it’s all about sparkle, sparkle, sparkle. But what’s really important to me is wearing something that you can have a laugh with the girls in. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone not joining in the fun or dancing because they can’t physically move!

What do you feel your sexiest in?

Something that makes me feel like the boss lady. I’ve got this amazing leopard print dress from the collection, it’s definitely something that takes confidence to wear. I dress for myself, and I don’t really tend to follow a trend just because everyone else is into it. I want to wear what I want. It’s liberating.

But the collections aren’t just about statement pieces, are they?

Not at all. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that just work. My black jumper sold out instantly when it hit the site – my friends still won’t let me live it down that they didn’t get their hands on one. I’ll have to reserve them a couple of leopard print dresses to make up for it.




Do you think your own style is something that women have really responded to in your own collection…

I’ve always loved the world of fashion – from creating my collections to watching my mum sit at her sewing machine first hand. I’ve grown to have a genuine knowledge about it which and I have a real passion for how it’s put across to women.

You’re still really humble about the success, do you still have to pinch yourself?

Absolutely. Now, every 60 seconds, we sell a piece of the MK collection. It used to be every 15 minutes, but now it’s every minute! It really is unbelievable.

What’s the most rewarding part of creating your Myleene Klass collection?

The fact that it’s real women wearing my underwear and clothing. They want something to feel great in. There comes a point when the market is oversaturated with brands that are selling lace dresses or sequin items, and I have to think, “what makes my clothing different?” I have to look really hard at myself and think about that. When you see strong women who stands for something, and you know it’s not just a case of endorsement, I think that really shines through.

Her AW15 collection is available online now at Sizes range from 8-20, 32b-40e with prices ranging from £13-£62.