Myleene Klass On Her Latest Littlewoods S/S13 Collection

Myleene Klass is back with a brand new collection for Littlewoods. As usual, she’s championing body confidence with a range that includes everything from gorgeous knits to wedding guest dresses, all with a knowing respect for the unpredictable British weather. Here’s she speaks to LOOK’s Fashion News Assistant Gemma Gow….

Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest collection.
…40s glamour all the way!

What’s your favourite piece and how would you work it?
I’m crazy mad about the leopard-print tux. It’s beyond eye-catching and extremely versatile. I also love the graphic-print flower/lime dress. It looks expensive, feels incredible (seriously, you need to stroke this!) and can be dressed up or down.

You’ve designed quite a few collections now – do you still get excited seeing your ideas come to life and people wearing your clothes
Of course! It’s an incredible feeling when you see someone in a design you created. So many women tweet me pics of themselves in my dresses – it makes me so happy that I’ve achieved what I set out to do, to create clothes any woman can wear and that they’ll feel good in. Even my girlfriends who work in the public eye, when they ask me for items they’ve seen or are photographed in my dresses, knowing the breadth of choice they have and yet they still come to me is the ultimate compliment.

The leopard-print jacket and trousers look amazing together – what are your tips for pulling off head-to-toe print?
Keep it simple by adding a plain top/black shirt and some heels for a chic look. Or, if you’re in a quirky mood, go all-out pattern all the way. For the shoot, I styled it up with a ’40s hairdo and cute polka-dot heels.

And how about working them separately?
I’d style the jacket with jeans or a dress, and the trousers with a T-shirt and leather jacket. But don’t be afraid to clash prints.

There are a lot of statement prints – has this become one of your design signatures?
Absolutely. I always wanted the women wearing my designs to feel good and stand out in them. I wanted to ensure ladies had a go-to destination for everything – eye-catching tea dresses, bright body-cons and patterned daywear.

A lot of the pieces are very transitional – was it important to create looks that can work all year round?
I design this collection as a consumer. It’s important to have items that can do lots of jobs in all weather (especially living in Britain!), so to be able to mix and match is paramount.

Which trends will you be championing next season?
Colour, graphics and strong, structured tailoring.

How do you think your collections have evolved from the very first one?
I have a clearer understanding of what women love from the collection and what they’re drawn to, so I lean more towards that, especially fit-wise. Women use clothes as both camouflage and to stand out, and I have to somehow find the balance in that!

Are there any pieces that are great for certain body shapes?
All shapes are covered. Again, this is something I was very keen to ensure. A-line prom dresses for those who prefer a softer silhouette; body-con and fitted dresses for women who want to enhance their shapes. The fact there is so much print and colour also means you can stand out whilst not drawing specific attention to certain areas. Having worked in this industry for over a decade has meant I’ve learnt every trick in the book!

The whole collection featuring items like this adorable little dice jumper (below) hits Littlewoods on 24 June. We can’t wait!

By Gemma Gow and Lucy Hancock

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