This avatar of Barack Obama has been circulating the web

MyIdol: The New App Taking Instagram By Storm

Chances are that, over the past few days, your Instagram feed has been flooded with unnervingly lifelike avatars, all catwalking, pole dancing and perhaps even chatting in Chinese. Welcome to MyIdol, the latest addition to the App Store which, when offered a selfie, can transform anyone into a dancing star of social media.

We’re not sure how or why this has happened, but like many of the nation’s favourite cat videos, MyIdol has officially ‘gone viral’. Make yourself sing Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ while perching on the Iron Throne (as in, the thing everyone’s always talking about in Game of Thrones), pole dance to the vocal stylings of Nicki Minaj, or simply live out your fashion dreams by walking the runway. The only catch is that until its UK release, the application is in Chinese, making the process of avatar transformation slightly tricky and entirely hilarious. While navigating the endless buttons and options, one minute you’re making your perfect virtual self and the next, you’ve suddenly become a panda on a pole.

Instagram: @ladygaga


But wait! The fun doesn’t end there. Bored of your own face? Make your favourite celebrity into a MyIdol avatar. We’ve even seen world leaders get their own digital counterparts, with people around the world making pole dancers out of Barack Obama and Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Creepy.

Instagram: @mileycyrus


Brilliantly, some celebs have made their own MyIdol videos, with the likes of Joan Smalls, Lena Dunham, Sam Smith, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus all posting their own efforts to their personal Instagram accounts. It’s sort of like playing The Sims with the A-list. But weirder.

Instagram: @lenadunham


If you ask us, it’s better to skip any translated instructions, and instead just download and go. Because really, why wouldn’t you want to end up as a giant panda? Clearly, we’ve just arranged your bank holiday entertainment for you, although we accept no responsibility for any avatar addictions that may occur as a result. We do predict, however, that you’ll soon be MyIdol-ing (yes, it’s now a verb) everyone you know.

Download the app here to begin your avatar adventure. You might want to be quick, before the next Instagram craze goes viral…

By Hannah Banks-Walker