My LOOK My Week: Laura Jane Turner

Hey! I’m a Digital Writer here at LOOK, which basically means I’m all about trawling the internet for the next big fashion or beauty trend, or even just the next big thing to go viral – did someone say Making A Murderer

I’m not ashamed to say that I spend a lot of my spare time (probably a little too much, if you ask my friends or family) on social media, seeing what people are talking about, wearing or Instagramming.

My style changes daily. What I wear really does depend on my mood, and for the most part I’m dictated by what suits my body shape, as I’m very out of proportion.

I guess you’d call me pear shaped; I have NO BOOBS and ALL the hip, thigh and butt action. Anyway, here’s a quick glimpse into what I’ve been wearing this past week… 

1. It’s All About High Waists

Topshop Joni Jeans, £36

Outfit one, which I wore on a particularly cold Thursday, is the perfect example of my eternal jeans struggle.

I have to go high-waisted, or else I’m plagued by muffin top, and Topshop’s super skinny high-waisted Joni’s are my go-to high street cut. I’ve basically stocked up on ALL THE PAIRS, in all the colours. My butt hates my bank balance, obvs.

The rips weren’t there when I bought them, by the way. Once the holes started to appear (all of you thigh sisters will know the struggle of seam chafe), I go at them with the scissors. It’s carefully planned shabby chic, or at least that’s what I tell myself.

When it’s cold out, I stick some tights underneath for extra warmth.

2. All The Denim

Reebok Classic Leather, £57

Now, I’m so in love with this denim all-in-one. I feel like it’s so ‘90s Britney it hurts, but who doesn’t love a little throwback?

I picked mine up at Brick Lane’s market years and years ago. Again, my body tries to pick a fight with me, as I have an abnormally long torso. But I shoehorn my way into this one, and just ignore the red shoulder marks at the end of the day. The things we do for fashion, right?


As for the Reeboks (who knew the trainers my mum forced me to wear for P.E would later become a style statement?) these babies are new – hence why they’re still white!

You just can’t beat a pair of fresh crepes, can you? 

3. Flower Power


I must have been feeling particularly retro on this day. I love everything about ‘60s fashion and beauty, and I basically lived in polo necks during December.

As for the boots, I kept seeing them pop up on my Instagram feed and I fell head-over-heels.

EGO Chloe Ankle Boots, £34.99

They’re super comf’, and they’re available in pretty much every colour you can imagine. Sigh.

Until next time, laters! x