This Designer Just Banned Social Media At His Show

With Snapchat videos straight from the runway, live backstage tweeting and stunning action shots filtered onto Instagram, our social media feeds are well and truly overrun by fashion month. Yep, most designers are very pro social, apart from MSGM’s Massimo Giorgetti, that is.

In an extremely controversial move, the creative director of the Italian brand has announced a social media ban at his upcoming Milan Fashion Week show. Shocking, we know. Whilst other FROWs will have members of the press and celebs leaning in to get the best snap, MSGM’s show will be phone-free.

According to WWD, the designer has made the move in an attempt to prevent the public from losing interest in his collection too quickly. With almost all designs generally being online for the world to see within an instant, he believes it makes “everything looks old in a second.”

Celebs and stylistas will be banned from using their phones once inside the venue




Rather than allowing the visitors to post from the catwalk, he will instead wait until the beautiful designs are in store, when he can share it to the rest of the world himself.


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Not only will this wait increase public intrigue, the designer also sees it as a way of encouraging the visitors to “watch the clothes with their eyes, not their screens.” It’s definitely back to basics for next week’s Milan show.

Ironically, the news of Giorgetti’s social media ban comes only a few days after Tommy Hilfiger’s show, which featured its very own designated ‘instapit’, designed especially for visitors who would be taking pics for their Instagram feeds.  

Whether you’re a lover or a hater, social media is certainly the hot topic of this fashion season. It will be interesting to see if MGSM manages to keep hold of his ban, and if the visitors follow his one simple rule; “put your phone back and enjoy the show.”