Mr Blanc: The Teeth Whitening Kit Taking Over Instagram

Mr Blanc has been taking over out Instagram feeds over the past month, so it’s time to find out why this teeth-whitening kit is so popular.

We’ve all heard of Coco White, but how does Mr Blanc compare when it comes to getting those pegs looking pearly white?

Well, the Mr Blanc teeth-whitening reviews are certainly promising the real deal. And with so many teeth whitening strips on the market now, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s see what we know so far…

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 Made In Chelsea's Stephanie Pratt with her Mr Blanc strips Made In Chelsea’s Stephanie Pratt with her Mr Blanc strips


1) How does Mr Blanc work?

Mr Blanc teeth-whitening strips are coated in an ‘enamel-safe’ ingredient used by dentists, the website claims. The strips work by holding them against your teeth so that the special ingredient can be absorbed into stains on and underneath the surface of your teeth enamel. When they’re pulled off, the stain is effectively ‘lifted.’ Mr Blanc recommends you use them for 14 days at a time.

mr blanc teeth review Mr Blanc’s online reviews have been pretty positive


2) How do you use Mr Blanc?

It seems pretty easy, and very similar to other teeth-whitening strips. Each pack (£19.99) contains 14 sachets containing an upper and lower strip. First, dry your teeth. Then place the shorter strip on your lower teeth first (gel side down), then the longer one on the top. Leave the strips on for 30 mins (no eating or drinking in this time, obv), and then remove both strips before rinsing away any leftover gel. Et voila!

TOWIE's Mario Falcone posing with his Mr Blanc on Instagram TOWIE’s Mario Falcone posing with his Mr Blanc on Instagram


3) How does Mr Blanc differ from traditional whitening strips? 

Well, Mr Blanc strips claim to be natural and peroxide-free, which means they are deemed safer to use as they’re meant to be less harsh on your teeth. Often in the past, teeth-whitening strips have been criticised for leaving people’s teeth super sensitive thanks to the strong chemicals that can be used in the strips.

lauren goodger mr blanc A whole host of celebrities have been bigging up the teeth-whitening strips


4) Are there any dangers to using Mr Blanc?

All teeth whitening strips should be treated with a bit of caution, as they can increase teeth sensitivity. This is why Mr Blanc strongly recommends having two week resting phases in between packets to give your teeth a rest. Otherwise, you could end up with sensitively and/or gum irritation. Also, if you have braces, steer clear! They only work when applied directly to teeth.

mr blanc instagram Good advice from Mr Blanc’s Instagram account…


5) What are the Mr Blanc reviews saying? 

First up, Mr Blanc has been tested and approved by EU & US cosmetic laws. The website itself promises ‘significantly whiter teeth after 14 days’, and the results of its clinical trial seem to reflect this on the whole. 85% of people said that the product had made their teeth whiter by an average of 3 shades, whilst 82% said that they would replace their normal teeth whitening strips with Mr Blanc.

Look out for our Mr Blanc review, coming soon… In the meantime, get in touch if you’ve tried them yourself!

Mr Blanc 2 Week Supply, £19.99

lucy watson mr blanc MIC’s Lucy Watson flashing her pearly whites…