The Most Popular UK Instagram Accounts Are Kinda Odd

Instagram celebrated its 5th birthday yesterday – and it did so by letting us in on a very interesting secret.

To celebrate their special anniversary, the social media site revealed exactly who owns the most followed accounts in the UK.

But unfortunately, there was something a little unsavoury about the list. These pages all belong to men.

One Direction Louis Tomlinson is the only One Direction lad not to make the top 5


It’s no surprise that the One Direction lads dominate the top spots. Harry Styles is the most popular, with a mighty impressive 13m followers.

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He’s followed by David Beckham, who’s just a teeny bit behind at 12.9m. Considering Becks only created his account in May, we reckon he could soon catch Hazza up.

Next is Niall Horan with 11.7, then it’s footballer Gareth Bale with 9.7m. Liam Payne rounds off the top 5 after picking up a not-so-shabby 7m fans.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham David Beckham beat his wife Victoria


We’re feeling a teeny bit sorry for 1D’s Louis Tomlinson, who’s trailing behind his bandmates with 6.1m.

But not as much as we’re feeling sorry for every single British woman who failed to make the list.

How is Victoria Beckham so far behind her husband?! And while Cara Delevingne beats each of the lads with 20.5m followers, we’re guessing the majority of them aren’t British.

Let’s start giving our fellow ladies some love, yeah?!

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift has the world’s most popular account (bar Instagram itself)


On a global scale, it’s a very different story. In fact, every single one of the site’s overall most-followed accounts belong to women. Oh yes.

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Taylor Swift is #1 in the world (behind Instagram’s own page) with 49.7m, then it’s Kim Kardashian with 48.2m and Beyoncé Knowles with 47.3m.

After that comes Selena Gomez with 46m and Ariana Grande with 44.7m.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian is much-loved on Instagram


They’re all making our 168 look a bit feeble really, aren’t they?