The Cool Girl Hack For Getting More Likes On Instagram

Try this super easy Instagram trick and prepare for your likes to skyrocket

Up there on our list of important 2017 priorities – along with the likes of, you know, saving money, bagging promos and generally sorting our lives out – is getting more likes on Instagram and upping our social media game . Because, of course, what’s the point in doing anything if it doesn’t fit into one of those little squares?

Ok, we get it, there’s 101 more worthy things to concern yourself with than your Instagram following but, should you want to considerably grow your following, you might want to give this It girl-approved trick a whirl. If you’re anything like us, the only engagement you get is likely from your little cousin, mum and that guy you think you went to uni with- so it can’t hurt to try, right?

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We all know selfie fads come and go (T-Rex hands, anyone?), but the latest fashion girl hack for getting more likes on Instagram is way more pleasing on the eye and, thankfully, doesn’t involve any awkward hand gestures. Thank goodness for that!

Prolific bloggers and top influencers have gone gaga for pink-coated walls, using them as a suitably snappable backdrop for their endless array of gorge #ootds. While scientists are yet to reach a firm conclusion on the matter (like they’ve got nothing better to do, huh?), it looks like pics with that heavy on the pink side are more likely to receive major social media love and rack up all the likes.

Follow suit and prepare for your double-tap quota to be significantly upped. And who doesn’t want that?