Mollie King Talks The Saturdays Reunion And Her Solo Career

And we find out how she gets THAT body...

Beyond-immaculate manners, the most enviable hair ever – Mollie King is pretty damn cool IRL. Formerly a fifth of girl group The Saturdays (they went on hiatus in 2015), Mollie’s finally spearheading a solo music career, modelling under top agency Next and establishing herself as a host on Radio 1. And now she’s modelling Littlewoods’ collections, which is no surprise – every time Mollie wears something it’s a sellout. Having just celebrated her 30th birthday on 4 June, we find out Mollie’s summer style essentials and, of course, when that single’s coming out…

Hi Mollie! What are your holiday plans this year?
Nothing at the moment because I’m currently recording. My single will be out towards the end of summer, so I haven’t been able to take any holidays until I know the exact release date.
Exciting! What can we expect from it?
It’s an upbeat one – a girly anthem that you can blast out of your car or dance to on a night out.
You’re taking the solo leap like Harry Styles and Liam Payne. What do you think of their singles? 
Harry’s new single is unexpected and I think it was a really brave route to go down. I know his album is out now and I’m looking forward to hearing it. He’s such a star and he’s so lovely – I hope he does really well with it.
There’s been a lot of talk of competition between them. Is it like that with your bandmates?
Oh God no, not at all! We’re all so supportive of each other. We’ve been through so much with one another. Me and the girls are still very much a band, so we haven’t split up or anything. It’s just about supporting each other on our different journeys, and it’s so nice to be so close to them.
Your bandmate Vanessa White recently said it wouldn’t ever happen, but would you reunite without one member?
No, I don’t think so. It would need to be all five of us. You never know what’s going to happen, so watch this space. It would be fun to do in a couple of years’ time.
You seem so confident. Any tips?
Everyone has insecurities. I’m most confident when I’m around my closest friends and family. We can all just completely take the mickey out of each other and just be ourselves.
Who do you call if you need a boost?
Probably my mum. She’s my best friend and she’s very honest with me as well, so I know that if I were to ask: ‘Does this dress look bad?’ she’d tell me if it did. I do really trust her opinion. She’s always the person who’ll pick me up if I’m feeling down or anything like that.
You look great. How do you keep fit?
Because I’ve been in the studio so much recently, I haven’t really been able to go to the gym so I don’t feel very fit at the moment. I normally try to go to the gym about three times a week, and I also like to do some boxing as well, if I can fit it in. I’m quite competitive so I just love to play any kind of sport – even when I’m on holiday.

When you do get to go on holiday, what’s always on your packing list?
I’m that person who has their summer hat on at the airport! I always take things that I haven’t worn in years and I think I’m going to have an occasion to wear them on holiday.
What wardrobe item couldn’t you live without? 
At the moment, my Fendi sunglasses; I wear them all the time. I also love shirts. I have loads in my wardrobe and most of my tops are shirts. You can wear them as an oversized boyfriend look with skinny jeans, or you can make it look more formal and wear it with a skirt for a preppy vibe. I also love the Vila dress from Littlewoods – the yellow colour and floral print make it perfect for summer days. I’ll probably wear it with nude sandals. There’s a denim jumpsuit from Lost Ink which is really cool, too. It’s a good length and that can be dressed up for an evening. I love red and denim, so I’d dress it up with a red lip and a nice pair of stilettos – you’ll look and feel fabulous!
What do you want to buy next?
I’m loving flares at the moment. I wore a pair of purple denim flares the other day for a launch and I just loved them. I also want to buy some new white leather Supergas – they go with everything.
Whose style is inspiring you this year?
Gigi Hadid always looks amazing. She looked great at the Met Gala and I love how she can do really sexy in a floorsweeper one minute, then laid-back tomboy with a pair of leather trousers and trainers the next. She nails it every time.