Mollie King Knows A Thing Or Two About Boyfriend Borrowing

Mollie King is a girl after our own hearts. Because it turns out, she’s nailed this whole what’s-his-is-mine mantra when it comes to nicking your boyfriend’s clothes.

The Saturdays singer is reportedly back with ex-boyfriend David Gandy, after the pair were spotted taking a leisurely stroll in London with Mollie’s pet poodle Alfie.

And an in brand new interview with the Evening Standard, the British hunk appears to confirm that his and Mollie’s romance is very much back on.

After it was revealed that the pop star has her very own drawer in the model’s custom built walk-in wardrobe (which even has her name scratched across it), the journalist quizzed Gandy on it.

‘That may be there for a while, so, uh…’, the 34-year-old D&G model replied. 

The interviewer then joked that someone ‘should book the church’, to which David quipped: ‘There you go. Even though she steals all my clothes.’

Yes, Mollie! With boyfriend dressing so in, we don’t blame her for getting her hands on her man’s masculine designer garbs. 

We wonder what she’s pinched? A boyfriend blazer? Oversized tees? Mannish brogues? (Okay, maybe not…)

The couple dated back in 2011 for nearly a year before amicably splitting – although Mollie’s always maintained to have kept a close relationship with her former model beau.

‘I’ve stayed friends with all my ex-boyfriends, which is nice because we often bump into each other at events’, she said last year.

If the rumours are true, we couldn’t be happy for the gorgeous Ms King. And her super stylish new wardrobe…

By Robyn Munson