Moisturising Jeans Are Now A Thing

In the current cold weather no one wants to dance around in their towel post-shower any longer than absolutely necessary. Subsequently, body moisturiser normally goes out the window. Imagine then if the clothes you wear could provide your skin with all the hydration it needs?

Sound absolute bonkers? Well thanks to jean experts, GUESS, this dream may be coming a reality. While once upon a time jeans might have given your bum a lift, or made your legs appear slimmer, they may now also double up as the ultimate morning time saver.

GUESS’ new JeanCare range (part of their #SmartGuess initiative) is made from denim that has been given their unique SLIMTEX fabric treatment. Infused with ‘nutrients’ including gingko extract and vitamin E this treatment promises to give you “touchably soft skin”, and even make your limbs appear slimmer.

> Would you wear GUESS’ moisturising jeans?

So how does it work? The denim fabric is treated with tiny bubbles of these carefully chosen nutrients which over time burst onto the skin providing this much needed moisture hit.

Interestingly, the concept of ‘moisturising fabric’ itself isn’t an entirely new one (not that we’ve ever heard such a thing…). American brand Ellen Tracy has previously used similar ‘microbead’ technology to create moisturising tights. These clever tights rely on movement and friction of the body to burst the nutrient filled bubbles and last around ten to fifteen washes.

Currently there are two fabric colour options available for the jeans (light blue and white), but we’re hoping this fabric may be used across a bigger range of pieces. Unfortunately though the jeans are currently only available in the US but we’re hoping they’ll be a roaring success and jump across the pond. 

By Elizabeth Bennett