Mischa Barton Is Having A Tough Time On DWTS

Mischa Barton surprised everyone when it was announced that she would be taking part in Dancing With The Stars

The former child star is currently competing in the ABC series, but fans have noticed that she’s yet to score above a six for her dancing sequences. 

The latest show saw Mischa and her dance partner Artem dancing the cha-cha, but their rehearsal footage appeared to see Mischa struggling a little. 

A source has told PEOPLE that she’s ‘trying really hard, but she’s completely out of her element’, as she finished in the bottom three for the second time this week.

Mischa has also penned a blog for PEOPLE, previously writing that ‘in the beginning things went very slowly’, and she’s had ‘a rough ride’ on the dance show. 



After the latest show, the OC starlet opened up to US Weekly, explaining that she’s been feeling unwell: ‘We both got sick since last week which wasn’t great, so on antibiotics, trying to get through the dance, through our cha-cha and stay positive…’

Oh, Mischa. We really hope you feel better!

The actress continued, ‘You have five days to learn it and get through it, and when you’re not feeling 100 percent from the last dance, [it’s tough]’.

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Despite this, the 30-year-old is determined to put all of her energy into her performance. Mishca told the publication, ”I think we’ll probably get back to a better place now. I just feel like this whole week just psyched me out, and maybe now it’s time to just attack it with positivity.’

Wishing you all the best, lady.