Millie Mackintosh Talks Food, Fashion And Fifty Shades!

We sat down with our cover star Millie Mackintosh to discuss marriage, sex and – of course – fashion! For the full interview, pick up this week’s issue which hits stands today. But, for now, here’s a snippet of our amazing chat with the star! 

On her new collection and how to style it:

“You’re the first I can tell that we’ve got ASOS on board,” smiles Millie. “They don’t stock other celebrity lines so it was hard to get on there. It’s a really strong place for the collection to be.”

The gorgeous laser-cut suede dress costs £149. How would Mills style it? “Wear this suede mini with ankle boots for a more daytime look. Pair it with strappy sandals for a night out, and you could add some subtle gold-toned jewellery too.”

As for this floral number – “Try this ditsy smock with boots and a fedora for an easy, boho look” – the dress will cost £65 when it hits the virtual shelves in March with the rest of the collection at

On life with her hubby, Professor Green:

“He helps me think about what people might actually want from me. He thinks I can be too optimistic and have my head in the clouds a little bit. He’s more of a realist but sometimes can be too much of a pessimist.” Singing from her own happy hymn sheet, Millie deflects when we ask what the biggest relationship test has been since their wedding in September 2013. “I don’t really want to talk about [the] negative,” says Millie. “Any relationship [goes] through ups and downs and things are difficult for the other one and you just support each other through them.”

“Our home life is really normal,” she adds. “I went to the NME awards last week and left at about 10pm, picked us up some Vietnamese food and went home to Stephen. We watch a lot of Netflix and are really into Fortitude on Sky. He loves House of Cards.”

We picture a homely scene featuring The Mandersons on the sofa in matching onesies. “No onesies, but we both have pyjamas,” says Millie. “I have my silk ones and he has stripy ones. I got him some Ugg slippers for Christmas. He was like ‘What. Are. They?!’ but he does wear them.” Eat your heart out Christian Grey.

On having kids:

“I absolutely love kids and Stephen is always telling me that I’ll be a great mum. I love nurturing and cooking for people but I’m not rushing it. I’m really enjoying just being married.” While many girls her age are just about navigating their way around Tinder, Millie insists that marrying at the tender age of 23 was a no brainer. “I knew it was the right decision because I was with my best friend, my partner in crime. Yes I was young but I knew I could grow with him.”

On how she stays in shape and dealing with the “too thin” criticism:

“It’s just ridiculous,” sighs Millie. “I’m never going to be a really fat person, that’s not my build. I’m naturally slim and I work out because it makes me feel good.“ There is such a problem in this country of obesity and I’m literally saying look after your body. I’m not saying diet or starve yourself. But people think that because I’m thin and I work out that’s putting an unhealthy image out there to people. “Exercise balances out my lifestyle. I like to have a drink at weekend and eating is one of my biggest joys in life. During Fashion Week I went for lunch with Stephen and had a massive bowl of truffle spaghetti. But because I had to get into a super tight dress a couple of days later, I then balanced it out with lots of salads and trips to the gym.”

On being a reality star in the fashion world:

“Some designers aren’t willing to lend to me because of the reality television tag,” admits Millie, respectfully choosing not to name and shame. “And I’m totally cool with that – [it’s] becoming a bit less and less now.” Millie proves her point every time she sits front row at a catwalk show – and the number of celebs sidling closer to her on it. At Julien MacDonald last week she was shoulder to shoulder with Whitney Port and Ella Eyre.

On Fifty Shades…

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon has been lost on Stephen who, reveals Millie, is “refusing to see” the film. “Do you know what? I don’t want to see it either! I didn’t find [the book] that sexy. I’m sure the film will up the sales for all kinds of kinky s*** but I think women should just talk about sex more anyway. We’re so British and prudish. I definitely talk about it with my girlfriends. That’s normal, right?”

By Amy de Klerk