Millie Mackintosh Is Criticised For This Instagram Photo Of A Chanel Bag

When the 27-year-old shared a photo supporting Anti-Slavery Day, her Instagram followers hit out at the inclusion of a designer handbag...

Millie Mackintosh has come under fire for her latest Instagram post.

But to be fair, the 27-year-old was only trying to raise awareness of an important world issue.

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Basically, Millie shared a photo to highlight Anti-Slavery Day yesterday, promoting a collaboration between the movement and luxury fashion label Beulah London.

She did this by sharing an image of a newly-released tie, which was made by and supports vulnerable women.

The ex-Made In Chelsea star captioned the image: ‘Today is #AntiSlaveryDay and @beulahlondon have launched this special tie.

‘Each tie has been block printed and and sewn by vulnerable and trafficked women in Kolkata, providing them with a sustainable, alternative livelihood and chance to rebuild their lives with #KeyToFreedom.

Millie Mackintosh's Instagram

It was this upload that landed Millie Mackintosh in trouble

‘Each tie will provide employment for one woman, for one day, helping them on their journey to freedom. Go get your tie! #LoveBeulah.’

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So far so innocent, right? But unfortunately, Millie ended up being criticised for how she styled her tie.

She’d placed it around an expensive Chanel bag, which some people found a little ironic.

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Millie Mackintosh is dating her ex-Made In Chelsea co-star Hugo Taylor

Comments included: ‘Antislavery + Chanel???? Are you kidding,’ and: ‘On a bag that’s about £4,000! Haha couldn’t make this s*** up!’

Others were a little kinder, with one writing: ‘Just because a person advocates antislavery doesn’t mean they can’t like Chanel handbags.’

Hmm. It seems Millie took note of the messages – she ended up disabling her comments before deleting the post altogether.


But TBH, we always think it’s commendable when a celebrity helps raise awareness of an issue close to their heart.

While Millie’s method may have been a little controversial, it’s still great that she’s putting her star power to good use. Atta girl.

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