Miley Cyrus Wore WHAT To New York Fashion Week?!

Miley Cyrus may be at one of the stylish events in the fashion calender, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to go all sensible and serious on us.

Because guess what the Wrecking Ball singer wore to the secret Vera Wang after-party over the weekend? Nipple tassles. Yep, just nipple tassles.

Taking the ‘black tie optional’ invite a step too far, Miley shunned high fashion gowns for near nakedness and rocked up to the star-studded fashion bash wearing nothing but a pair of high-waisted black trousers and some very stylish ice cream-shaped nipple tassles. Of course she did.

Glittering pink bodypaint and candy-coloured medicine pill sunglasses topped off her look-at-me look, with Miley twisting her hair into two quirky topknots on the top of her head to top it all off.

While it’s hardly FROW-appropriate, Miley’s out-there outfit (if we can call it that) at least went with the warehouse rave vibe of the fash bash.

The nipple tassles may not be quite our thing, but what she wore when she was fully clothes definitely was. Hats off to Miley for stepping out in two pairs of glittery trews, first working black glittery joggers with a graphic tee and trainers, and next pairing glitter and leather leggings with a sheer monochrome crop top.

Sparkly trews = our new fave AW staple. Thanks for the inspo, Miley…

By Robyn Munson