When Miley Cyrus Met Karl Lagerfeld…

Instagram: @MileyCyrus

Miley Cyrus‘s Instagram feed may be full of pet pooches and cute piggies these days, but there’s always room for a little high-fashion name dropping too.

The Wrecking Ball singer showed she’s been mingling with the best when she shared a snap of her and Karl Lagerfeld, mid-pow wow.

While Karl is papped mid-sentance as he flips through his fashion files, Miley looks totally chic and gorgeous in her baby blue Fendi fur coat and slicked back hairdo. Très Brigitte Nielsen.

And no wonder Miley was keen to return the favour to Uncle Karl – just last week, the 80-year-old Chanel legend paid tribute to Miley’s latest V Magazine cover by posing on a hill by the St Tropez ocean whilst holding the racy cover up in front of his face.

Well, he was the one behind the lens on the boob-baring shoot…

Looks like these two are becoming firm fashion friends! We can’t wait to see what they team up on next.

By Robyn Munson