Miley Cyrus Just Got Her Hannah Montana Hair Back

A night in with Miley Cyrus is never going to be a quiet affair, as Bella Hadid found out last night.

The 18-year-old model enjoyed a sleepover with the Wrecking Ball singer, and the pictures looked super fun. Because guess what? They did pretty much everything we do when we have our girls over. 

miley cyrus and bella hadid sleepover face masks Looks like our kind of slumber party…


Face masks? Check. Posing for Instagram? Check. Playing around with your mate’s extensive hair extensions collection? Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it.

Miley gave us a bit of a shock when she shared a snap of her in fishnet tights, a plunging white shirt and a silk neck scarf rocking long, wavy blonde locks. Hello, Hannah Montana!

Miley Cyrus perches on Bella hadid's bed of hair extensions Miley Cyrus perches on Bella’s bed of hair extensions, pixie crop firmly in place


We have to hand it to her, she did a pretty good job of blending. But obviously she hasn’t actually ditched her pixie crop for good, as we found out via her next Instagram photo.

Miley is seen lying on a bed of hair extensions (presumably Bella’s private collection) in varying shades, with the caption: ‘Last night got f**king hairy @andylecompte @simon_says___ .’ You can say that again.  

miley cyrus with fake plaited hair extensions Miley Cyrus has experimented with hair extensions before, admitting she misses her long hair


It’s not the first time the twerking queen has got nostalgic for her long locks. Last year, she experimented with faux blonde pigtails and played Heidi for the day with hair extensions.

She also gave an interview recently where she moaned that all that bleach has made it tricky for her to grow her hair out again – not for want of trying.

Miley Cyrus and Bella Hadid and two boys on sleepover Miley Cyrus and Bella Hadid invite some male pals over to join their sleepover


‘Talk to my scalp … I mean, I’m trying,’ she explained. ‘I keep getting it here [she moves her hand slightly below her hairline] and then I keep bleaching it, then cutting it all off.’ 

Last night though, the wig didn’t last long as Miley soon returned to her signature short crop.   

Miley Cyrus back in 2012 with her natural honey blonde long hair Miley Cyrus back in 2012 with her natural honey blonde locks


Sharing a snap of her, Bella and two boy pals, she wrote: ‘Sleeeeeeepovvvaaaaaaaaa w babbyyyyyyy @bellahadid ALWAYS GIRLZ NIGHT + @cheythom but if we didn’t have biewbyyyyyyy whoooooo would we model for?!?!??’

Total FOMO over here. We want to party with Cyrus!