Miley Cyrus Gets Her Sweetest Inking Yet



Okay Miley Cyrus, you know you’ve got a tattoo problem when it’s the first thing you do upon flying into a new country.

The 21-year-old had just touched down in Melbourne with her entourage when she made a beeline for tattoo parlour Eureka Rebellion Trading.

Once inside, her and brother Braison enjoyed beer and pizza with shop staff before getting inked up by tattoo artist, Myles Paten.

‘We were very blessed to have her pop in,’ owner Anthony Allayialis said of his late-night customer. ‘She came in around 8.30 last night straight after getting off the plane.’

‘She knew about the shop through mutual friends and came down to have a look with her brother. We were basically about to close when she came in asking for a couple of tatts.’

So what ink did she opt for this time?

‘She got her brother’s nickname on her wrist’, he continued. ‘It was just a small piece as she’s got tiny arms. It was her own design. She was awesome, she’s such a rad girl.’ 

Miley’s 20-year-old brother Braison Cyrus got a large piece on his forearm of a ship (the exact same tatt of singer Bjork’s, weirdly enough), which he later showed off on Instagram. 

Looks like the ink obsession runs in the family, then!

By Robyn Munson