Mila Kunis On Baby Wyatt’s Alternative Baby Wardrobe

Mila Kunis has emerged from her new mum nest to give a candid interview about her little one on US chat show Conan.

We’ve been dying to hear any snippets about her and Ashton Kutcher‘s new baby girl, but up until now the notoriously private couple had remained tight-lipped.

When quizzed last night however, Mila seemed ready to share, and the first topic on her lips had to be little Wyatt’s wardrobe.

Speaking about Ashton’s obsession with all things football related, Mila revealed that her daughter has already become a bit of a tomboy. Even if it wasn’t out of her own choice… 

‘This child has worn a Chicago Bears onesie every Sunday, Monday and Thursday for her whole life’, the actress said.

‘And there are different ones, they are with tutus… One’s a cheerleader one… One’s a jersey one…. One has her name, one doesn’t. I mean they are… Everything.’

We can totally imagine Mila and Ashton’s firstborn becoming a mini sports luxe style icon. Forget North West’s Givenchy skirts, it’s all about the tomboy tutus!

The Jupiter Ascending actress also opened up about her post-baby body, explaining her exercise regime.

‘I’ve always worked out, and I’ve always eaten healthily because I love food, so I work out so that I can keep eating. That’s the truth’, she said.

‘Because I do love to go and eat every day, unlike a lot of people in Hollywood, I don’t skip food. There’s this thing called the Up bracelet, which is like Nike Fit. I always do my 10,000 steps every day and I log in what I do and all my girlfriends are on it, so you know it’s a very fun little system to keep yourself going.’ 

And as for her at-home regime?

‘I’m on the treadmill and we have the little Fisher Price rocker, so I put Wyatt in there, and I watch Real Housewives of Beverley Hills‘, she added.’ And then Ashton judges me for it. Fully judges me for it!’

Watch this Mila Kunis interview on Conan at 11pm Thursday 5th February, on truTV (freeview channel 68)