Michelle Keegan’s Wedding Anticipation Is Catching

Michelle Keegan is getting us all excited for her wedding. It’s like Kate Middleton’s fairytale do ALL over again. 

Michelle and Mark Wright have been engaged for over a year, and the suspense has been building ever since. 

There’s so many things we just can’t wait for. The dress. The designer. Her hair. 

So far, we know that the Lipsy London collaborator has designed her own dress. And we know that she’s opted for ivory, instead of white. In a recent interview, the former Coronation Star revealed: “There isn’t much I can tell you about my wedding dress, but I will say it is ivory. I designed it myself, so I’m really excited about it.”

What a tease! 

Michelle Keegan at her Lipsy range launch Michelle always looks incredible, even when off-duty


The rumour mill is churning. The stars are said to have requested that their guests bring an outfit change. We’ve heard of numerous quick changes for the bride – after all, who doesn’t want an excuse to rock a number of beautiful dresses in one day? – but the guests? 

Word is that the attendees of this season’s hottest wedding bash will be taking part in a big photoshoot. With sister-in-law Jessica Wright and TOWIE’s Lydia Rose Bright amongst those closest to the bride, it’s set to be one hell of a photo. Glam squads at the ready, people. 

Michelle Keegan out and about Michelle boasts a gorgeous glowing tan. Well jel.


The venue? Well. Keegs has said: “It is beautiful and very historic but when family and friends are there we know it will feel like our place… As we drove away we were both going, ‘Oh I love it, love it.”

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Mich this week. She hit a last minute fitting, and the wedding shop she has chosen is London’s premiere bridal boutique, Browns Bride. The store stocks sixteen dress designers, including Peter Langner, Monique Lhuillier and Caroline Herrera. But we guess we’ll have to wait for the big reveal to know for sure… 

Michelle and Mark on the red carpet Barbie and Ken?


But is she a nightmare bride? Hell no. Our girl has kept it calm and collected, admitting: “I really thought I would turn into a bridezella but I definitely haven’t – I’m just really excited.”

She’s been spotted running erands this morning, sporting a glowing bronzed tan, and carrying armfulls of carrier bags, wih a mobile glued to the palm of her hand. 

But the 27-year-old still found time to take in an intimate lunch date with her husband-to-be… 

So. Cute. 

By Laura Jane Turner